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Research and Developing the Special Composite Materials for Military Equipment

The newgeneration of mobile large-spanmulti-purpose man-machine equipment shelter ismade of high-performance carbon fiber which reinforced Resin Matrix Composite shaped structure,it is a large-span structure.The UHMWPE fiber reinforced resin-based composite board was used. The materialwhich with filling foam in the middle was used as the cover for the thermalinsulation and shelter cover, and the UHMWPE fiber UD board was used as thearmor material around the cover.

Theproducts are all modularized and can be quickly set up, quickly roll up andreused under the military field operation conditions. The utility model has theadvantages of light weight, good maneuverability, and the functions of heatinsulation and protection like shrapnel, light weapon gunshot shooting. It canbe widely used in the military field environment to cover the storage ofhelicopters, fighter jets, guided missile vehicles, temporary repair equipmentand various types of weapons, ammunition and temporary shelters for commandersand soldiers.This project is an innovative product that changes the traditionalsteel structural canvas tent shelter.

Hidden shelter main technical performance:

1. Shelter specifications: length 30m × width 20m × height 8m (length can be adjusted)

2.Shelter overall weight: about 8300 kg

3. Around 550m2of bullet-proof armor material, weighing about 3300 kilograms;

4. The top of the shelter can withstand: 20cm thick loose snow

5. Shelter Wind Resistance: Level 8

6. Shelter building / roll up time: 16 technicians, about 16 hours to complete.