Developing Series of Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber Developing Series of High Performance Personal Safety Protective Equipment Research and Developing the Special Composite Materials for Military Equipment Developing series of cut-resistance products
Developing series of cut-resistance products

Developing Series of Special Functional Civil Products

The company takes full the advantage of ultra-high tenacitysuper fine denier UHMWPE fiber, use high-density special textile machineryprocessing anti-cutting fabric. The regular color: white, gray, black, darkgray, also other fabric colors can be produced according to customer'srequirements. The fabric has strong anti-cutting function, wear resistance,tear resistance, soft hand feeling, breathable and perspiration, comfortableand easy dry, etc.

Products Technical Performance: after actualtest, all performance like wear resistance, cutting resistance and tearresistance meet European technical standards ENIS013997 and BSEN388.

? European EN ISO 13997standard anti-knife cutting Level B;

? European BS EN388:2016 standard anti-cutting Level 2

anti-knifecutting is equal to BS EN388:2003 standard Level 5)

? European BS EN388:2016 standard wear-resistant Level 4;

? European BS EN388:2016 standard anti-prick Level 4;

? European BS EN388:2016 standard anti-tear Level 4;

Width of Anti-cutting garment fabric is 1.6M, weight is 500gram or 550 gram for each square meter.

At the same time, the company developed anti-knife cuttingjacket series, anti-knife cutting sportswear series, work protective clothesseries, anti-cutting gloves and so on.

? Anti-cutting gloves: technical performance can meet EuropeanEN388-2003 standard, security protection grade reaches level 3 and 4 and 5.

The brief introduction of ”Qianglun”branded cut resistance clothes

Focusing on security protection demands from some special careers of police law enforcement, city management, security guards, firemen, metal, glass and machinery producers, and self-protection of labour force ,our technical team has successively researched and developed series blade cut-resistance clothes with different fashion styles using material of high strength, high molecule, superfine UHMWPE fiber under high tensity weaving technical processing by special weaving machines . The merits of this series special clothes is a perfect combination of outstanding blade cut-resistance, abrasive resistance, anti-tearing, soft touching, light weight and a good ventilation, comfortable wearing, sweat and easy dry.

Blade cut-resistance performance : via physical laboratory testing, all technical indexes have been qualified with EU standard levels of EN IS013997,BS EN388. etc as below.

EU EN ISO 13997 blade cut-resistance standard B level
EU BS EN 388:2016 blade cut-resistance standard II level
( Cut resistance equivalent to BS EN388:2003 standard V level)
EU BS EN388:2016 abrasive resistance standard IV level
EU BS EN388:2016 puncture resistance standard IV level
EU BS EN388:2016 anti-tearing standard IV level

Jacket Design :
Front zip closure, turn-down collar, two side pockets
Basic fabric: polyester/wool blend.
Inter layer:UHMWPE blade cut resistance weaving fabric
Lining: polyester
Hoodie design:
Cardigan with hat, side pockets
Basic fabric: UHMWPE fiber cut resistant woven fabric
Lining: PET fiber fabric

Cut-resistance Clothes Cleaning Instruction

Remove dirt with soap and very mild detergent by a moist cloth or soft bristle brush , then rise it very thoroughly in clean water. And dry clean is available too.No chlorine bleach. Don’t wash this item by washing machine. Don’t dry it with baking. Keep away from heat source.

The brief introduction of ”Qianglun”branded cut resistance gloves

We sufficiently utilize our ultra-high strength ,high modulus, superfine UHMWPE fiber to produce our gloves via microcomputer digital weaving technology and coating with resin.These gloves possess merits of an extraordinary blade cut-resistance , anti-abrasion, soft touching, wearing flexibly, anti-corrosion against all chemical products and a more longer service time 10 times than normal yarn gloves.

Our products is widely served for assembly of aircraft,vehicle and electric machines manufacturing and construction, mining work and also equipped for military force and public security police’s patrol , rescue work. It’s the best choice for the special labor force as security equipment.( patent application NO.:ZL200810172099.8)














Specification :


Technical level

Testing standard


IV level

European Directive

(EN 388-2003)

Blade cut-resistance

III/IV/V level


IV level